Comics International #207 – On Sale At Last

Much delayed, Comics International #207 is now on sale, offering a variety of comics features, reviews and news items covering comics on both sides of the Atlantic (and beyond).

Alongside features on the new Watchmen movie, out next month, Marvel Apes (released last year), DC/Wildstorm’s recently-launched Gears of War (launched last October), Joe Kubert’s Unknown Soldier, Captain America and the new El Diabolo title (launched last September) are several features of interest to British comics fans.

Jim McCarthy talks candidly about Ominbus Press’s Sex Pistols: The Graphic Biography, drawn by Steve Parkhouse, published last year, while Shaqui le Vesconte continues his engaging history of comics inspired by the TV shows of Gerry Anderson, which includes spreads by Frank Bellamy and Don Harley, and rare early drafts from The Complete Thunderbirds project by illustrator Andrew Skilleter.

Also in the issue is an interview with Jason Wilson, co-creator of the controversial Smuggling Vacation graphic novel.

While some of the issue’s coverage of the comics world is perhaps a little dated by force of circumstance — those circumstances not explained in the magazine, which is sure to puzzle subscribers and others — downthetubes is assured the team fully intend to make certain #208 is not6 so long a wait, and two Comics International Specials are even now close to completion to complement the Magazine. (More news on those soon).

Comics International is available now from comic shops and the official web site

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