Comics International back in favour

After many behind the scenes problems too tiresome to detail here, there’s some good news for Cosmic Publications, the publishers of comics news magazine Comics International, with the Famous StarStore blog the latest to offer a positive review of the title, now hopefully back on production schedule.

“The reinvented British comics industry monthly is going from strength to strength,” they reveal to the uneducated who might not already know, and “This latest issue [of Comics International] features some great stuff, including a great piece on the Dan Dare relaunch, features on Heroes, 30 Days of Night, Stardust, World of Warcraft comics and more.”

Giving the magazine a 10/10 rating, the store’s staff reckon “This title really is indispensable, and remains very readable for a wide audience of fans, pros and the curious. Their coverage of the obscure and forgotten is always entertaining too. A magazine that deserves a much larger readership.”

For those who don’t pick up Comics International already from their local comic store, the magazine proves its quality by publishing the Really Heavy Greatcoat by myself and artist Nick Miller, so we’re inevitably a little biased about it. But if you haven’t picked up an issue in a while, Issue 205 may be a good place to start. In addition to the features above it also includes a terrific piece on Gerry Anderson TV series-inspired comics such as TV Century 21 and Countdown by Shaqui le Vesconte – the first of six features spanning over 40 years of comics.

• Cosmic Publications is offering Gerry Anderson devotees an exclusive a money-saving opportunity to have these six special issues featiring Anderson-related features delivered direct to their door every month as they come off the presses. Not only is it dropping its usual 12-issue minimum, but it is offering six issues for the price of five! Get #205-210 for just 15 (19 first class) in the UK; mainland Europe 25/36; rest of the world $60 (air)/$46 (surface). Full details here

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