Comics International sells out

Just had an e-mail from Comics International editor Mike Conroy who tells me demand for its first issue of the new-look mag has been phenomenal and retailers around the UK are reporting a virtual sell out within the first four days of the 100-page#201 going on sale.

The issue includes a piece on TV’s The Avengers by myself, Ian Wheeler and Dez Skinn, and of course I’d like to think it was this that boosted the sales, although it’s more likely to be pent up demand for the delayed magazine — it was worth the wait, though! — and coverage of Frank Miller’s stunning 300 movie.

Conroy advises that anyone requiring extra copies of the £2.99 issue are urged to phone 01621 877 231 as soon as possible. Publisher Cosmic Publications has less than 300 copies left in its warehouse and these are being made available for reorder to retailers on their usual terms. The minimum reorder quantity is 10 copies.

Comics International #202 is scheduled for April 13 and will include a Danger Man in comics feature.

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