Coming Soon: 1900, a Victoriana-inspired picture anthology

Coming soon from the people behind the 2000AD-inspired comic zine Sector 13 is 1900, a project described as “the picture-story paper of scientific romances” founded, 1877.

1900 art by David Hitchcock
The 1900 “threatens to corrupt our youth with tales of fantasy, crime and votes for woman. The very thought!” Art by David Hitchcock

First announced earlier this year, full details are still a closely guarded secret, but Peter has further teased the project with some striking art from the ever excellent David Hitchcock.

We’re also told to expect stories from 2000AD’s Kek-W, along with tales from Julia Round and Paddy Brown, amongst many others, including Hunt Emerson, who has created the paper’s startling mascot.

Founded by comics writer and downthetubes contributor and reviewer Peter Duncan, Sector 13 Comics is a non-profit, community organisation formed in Northern Ireland, who co-ordinates the team responsible for the 2000AD fanzine, Sector 13, Splank! and the Cthulhu Kids. Also involved are other creators, including Robert Curran, the author of some fascinating books on folklore and legends, and editor of Weird Comix, an anthology of horror comics issued in 2021 and featuring some artists from Sector 13.

Hunt Emerson’s take on the original, imaginary publisher of 1900
Hunt Emerson’s take on the original, imaginary publisher of 1900

1900 imagines that, in 1877, an innovative publisher hit upon the idea for a magazine telling stories mixing words and pictures in a brand new and exciting way,” Peter said of the new project earlier this year, “stories we would recognise as modern comics.

“For this new magazine, he wanted a new type of story and drawing inspiration from the scientific romances of Jules Verne and Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, along with the gothic ghost stories of Sheridan Le Fanu and the Phantastes of George MacDonald and Christina Rossetti, he set about looking for a name for his new publication.

“He thought about something that spoke of the future,” Peter continues, “of the new and exciting century just over the horizon. Something to attract the youth, he thought ‘Year of Our Lord, 1900’, and his new magazine was named.”

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