Coming Soon from Buchan Comics: Spitfires vs Aliens!

Comic creator Atholl Buchan, online as Buchan Comics, who describes himself as “a Dad with an iPad”, has teased an utterly bonkers but thoroughly fun-looking new project that puts a Spitfire in space – along with its astonished pilot!

Regular downthetubes readers may recall Atholl gained mainstream media attention for his weird western story, Frontier Tales, earlier this year, still available to buy here on

Atholl who draws comics all the time in his spare time, has now teased a new project, Spitfires vs Aliens, blending anime-style visuals with a story that might easily have featured in a British weekly comic of yesteryear – but with a bang up to date look, and cast.

Spitfire vs Aliens is about a civilian air show Spitfire pilot from RAF Peterhead Heritage Society, whose Spitfire starts talking to him mid-flight,” Atholl teases, “and blasts him off into space to fight in a battle between two rival kingdoms.

Atholl previously created some illustrations for the RAF Peterhead Heritage Society, an organisation whose role is to gather stories, information, documents, photographs and memories of those that served at RAF Peterhead from July 1941 to August 1945.

“The story combines my love of anime, sci-fi and World War Two aviation to produce a project that doesn’t have to make sense, because I’m just having fun!” Atholl enthuses.

And fun it certainly looks, from planes and battleships in space with lasers and neon propellors, and a Spitfire can transform into a nine metre tall ROBOT (Really Overpowered Battle Orientated Transformation).

“Coming soon is all I can say right now,” Atholl tells us, so no release date just yet. But if you like the look of this, Atholl can be followed on social media on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates!

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Spitfires vs Aliens copyright Atholl Buchan

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