Coming Soon: The first ever “Carol Day” collection gets set for release

The first ever collection of Carol Day newspaper strips by David Wright, featuring the “Lance Hallam” story, almost all of it shot from the original artwork, is now at the printers and you can reserve a copy now.

Assembled by Roger Clark, Chris Killackey and Guy Mills, the collection features a cover by Brian Bolland – a tribute to “Carol Day” artist David Wright.

If you’re not familiar with it, “Carol Day” is a wonderful comic strip by a great artist. With its combination of sophisticated themes and stories, multi-dimensional characters and always magnificent art, the series transcends even the best American strips of the time.

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, the Carol Day website focused on the “Lance Hallam” story, one of the most popular Carol Day stories of the run and generally recognised as a masterpiece of the medium both in story and art. The book utilises features the complete story, minus three episodes, from the original art, in the full size of the originals, a pleasingly large 17 x 5.25 inches.

“Our goal is to give readers an experience as close as possible to viewing the original art, and to provide a definitive presentation,” say the team, “as Wright and his art deserve, of one of David Wright’s very best stories.

“… To our knowledge this is the first time a comic strip story has been reprinted in its original size and format from the original art.

To bring the character into the 21st century the team behind the book, who also publish the official Carol Day website, commissioned a number of great contemporary artists to create their reaction to the character and story.

Carol Day by Mark Buckingham
Carol Day by DaNi
Carol Day by David Roach. “”I think it has just a hint of the Gothic to it,” says David. “I’ve tried to get a sort of ‘likeness’ but it’s tricky with a fictional character!”

The resulting portfolio showcases some truly outstanding work by some of the best artists working today. You can see these now in the Carol Day by Today’s Artists.

“Now that we are finally able to bring this piece of David Wright’s genius to the printer, we have some time to consider what might be next while the printer does his work,” say the team.

“If there are other Carol Day stories you’d like to see in hardcopy print, please feel free to bombard us with your preferences as we plan our future!”

Full details of the Carol Day – Lance Hallam Collection are here

Click here to reserve a copy of this landmark newspaper strip release

Reserving a copy does not obligate you to buy. When the books are in hand, the team will notify you, and you will have seven days to purchase your copy, at the end of which your reservation will expire

Carol Day © Estate of David Wright. All rights reserved

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