Commando – Back for the New Year with a Banquet of Blood!

Commando No 4879 – Banquet Of Blood

Here’s the intel on the first issues of DC Thomson’s Commando (Issues 4879-4882 – On Sale 14 January 2016) for the year, on sale this Thursday – 14th January 2016.

These four issues are on sale in all good newsagents and available via numerous digital platforms.

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Commando No 4879 – Banquet Of Blood
Story: Alan Hebden Art and Cover: Manuel Benet

Budapest, 1945.

Why is Doctor Jane Mallory poised to attack her cowardly colleague, “Jelly” Jakes?

The answer is at the heart of the latest mission for the Convict Commandos. They must uncover a dangerous secret which turns normal soldiers into crazed, ravenous hordes capable of killing anything — or, indeed, anyone — who gets in the way of their desire to eat.

Is this the Commandos’ most terrifying adventure yet? Jelly definitely thinks so!

Commando No 4880 – Showdown!

Commando No 4880 – Showdown!
Originally Commando No 227 (September 1966)
Story: Spence Art: C.T. Rigby Cover: Lopez Espi

Everybody had thought a lot of Inspector Harry Andrews of the Malayan Police. He was a real man, all guts. Pity he had been captured and probably killed by the Japanese when the invasion over-ran his outpost. He’d put up quite a fight, though.

Then, there was his brother, Colin — just a war correspondent, not a fighting soldier. He’d never be half the man Harry was, they said. Even though he got himself on a desperate mission to the district in Malaya where his brother had disappeared… but they didn’t really know Colin Andrews…

“Our premier Gold Collection title of 2016 kicks things off in spectacular style, with a reassuringly gritty jungle tale,” says Scott Montgomery, “This book is brimming with action and intrigue which never lets up.

“Spence’s script is expertly drawn by C.T. Rigby with his usual aplomb, while Lopez Espi’s cover is a masterclass in pulp illustration.

“I hope you enjoy this story and are looking forward to many more like it throughout the year.”

Commando No 4881 – Death Drop

Commando No 4881 – Death Drop
Story: Ferg Handley Art: Keith Page Cover: Keith Page

In 1944, Allied forces in Southern Italy met fierce resistance from the German defenders who fought bitterly from the cover of the mountains and hills.

When a British airborne unit were tasked with landing behind enemy lines and hampering the German escape, this seemed straightforward.

However, Captain Roy Hopkins soon found out the hard way that nothing ever went according to plan. He and his men would have to fight every step of the way if they were to complete their mission…

Commando No 4882 – Another Tight Spot…

Commando No 4882 – Another Tight Spot…
Originally Commando No 2469 (May 1991)
Story: Alan Hemus Art: Garijo Cover: Ian Kennedy

Andy Leslie had known all along that he would have to face danger when he volunteered to serve with the Parachute Regiment. That had turned out to be the way of it, Andy battling his way clear from one tight spot after another with the famous Red berets.

Nobody had ever warned him that he might end up in the sea, bobbing about in a dinghy. There was nothing predictable in any day of Andy’s war…

“This fast-paced tale of the continuing adventures of a Parachute Regiment soldier was drawn by the late Ricardo Garijo,” notes Scott, introducing Commando’s first ‘Silver Collection’ title of 2016.

Another Tight Spot was actually his first Commando book – the first of over 90 issues that he completed before his death in October 2009. His final book, The Winter Warriors (No 4257), was published posthumously in December of that year.

“An exceptional talent, this influential and hugely popular Argentinian artist is much-missed to this day.”

Read our obituary for Ricardo here | Ricardo Garijo Commando Checklist


• There are more details of Commando on the official Commando website, the Commando Facebook page

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