Commando: Bumper Rations For September

As other British comics titles struggle to survive with some, like CLiNT, reducing their frequency, Commando increased its frequency this year from eight issues a month to four every two weeks. This means there are now 104 Commandos published in a year instead of the previous 96 or, to put it another way, the Commando team produce the equivalent of one brand new 63 page story, plus they reprint another from the original artwork in their archive, every week of the year.

Due to the way the publishing dates fall in September, this means that instead of eight Commandos being published this month there will be twelve, including the ongoing reprints of the first ten issues of Commando that were published back in 1961. Our thanks to editor Calum Laird for all the gen on the latest batch of Commandos to hit the shops.

Issue 4427
Sons And Fathers
Story: Mac MacDonald
Art: Vila
Cover: Janek Matysiak

There they stood, back-to-back, Beretta sub-machine guns stuttering as they fought for their lives. It had been the same many years before as their fathers had battled shoulder-to-shoulder in a heroic but doomed last stand. Would history repeat itself? Or was there another twist to the tale?

Issue 4428
The Panther’s Claw
Story: Peter Grehan
Art: Morahin
Cover: Ian Kennedy

After a run-in with his boss’s snooty, arrogant son, young Joe Gallagher quit his factory job. He wasn’t bothered, though, he’d wanted to join the Royal Engineers anyway. Trouble, however, seemed to follow him wherever he went. But that nothing compared to the danger Joe and his Churchill AVRE crew faced against a ruthless, fanatical Nazi and his squadron of a deadly tanks…

Issue 4429
Boss Of The Sky
Story: Wilkinson
Art: Mira
Cover: Ken Barr
First published as No 347 in August 1968, re-issued as No 1063 in September 1976
With an introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor

Flight-Lieutenant Alvar Brenner was a real mystery to his fellow fighter pilots in the RAF squadron he flew with. He came from Balkovinia, a country very few of them had even heard of. And when he first went into action with them, he seemed to know every move the German pilots would make — as well as just how their aircraft would perform. So they all began to wonder where he’d learned all this…and whether he might just be a Nazi spy planted in their squadron…

Issue 4430
Mad Schultz
Story: Redbridge
Art: Lopez
Cover: Ken Barr
First published as No 65 in April 1963
With an introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor

Out of nowhere they appeared, miles behind the front line, falling on undefended convoys like wolves on a flock of sheep. Machine-guns blazed, trucks were blasted to pieces, and men fell in roadside ditches. Then they were gone as swiftly as they come, and yet another British supply column was left a smoking ruin. They were German guerrilla fighters, trained killers every one, and they were led by a man as fearless and cunning as any. Captain Schultz was his name — special Nazi commando. Soon the question was on every British soldier’s lips…where will Mad Schultz strike next?

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