Commando Comic Art – The Show Goes On!

The exhibition of Commando cover art at the National Army Museum in London may have just finished, but fear not if you missed it. The Commando team have just informed us they’re working with another museum to put on a display of some of our other pieces.

“With so much art to show, one exhibition would never have been enough,” says editor Calum Laird.

This time it’s in Aberdeen, at the home of the Gordon Highlanders and DC Thomson hope it will be a shorter journey for many of fans to make a visit.

“The selection of artwork will be made in the next fortnight and is due to go on display in the second week of July,” Calum told downthetubes. “More details will follow as they come to hand.

“The curator (who is a massive Commando fan) is coming down to start his selection,” he adds. “I think it’ll be a different group than the ones at the NAM which would be all to the good because they barely scratched to surface!”

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