Commando goes Space Opera with “Shuttle Down!”

Commando 3971: Shuttle DownFor those who would like some new British space opera in the gap between issues of Spaceship Away, one of the early January batch of DC Thomson’s Commando comics is titles “Shuttle Down!”

Commando Issue 3971 – one of four Commando titles released this month — is a contemporary tale featuring the story of a NASA shuttle with an RAF pilot who has to make a emergency landing in a war zone. Top artist Ian Kennedy provides the cover to the issue.

Check your local W.H. Smith for copies, but while you may recall paying 5p or thereabouts for a copy of Commando when you were a kid, don’t be too shocked to discover that they now cost £1.20.

• The official Commando site is but it’s not updated that often. downthetubes recommends checking out Vic Whittle’s excellent site at

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