Collected Hook Jaw Hardback Up For Auction

Collected Hook Jaw Volume OneOne of five special hardback versions of the upcoming Hook Jaw collection from Spitfire Comics is up for auction on ebay. The softcover is due for release soon through online and high street bookshops.

Prior to the official release of Hook Jaw, Spitfire Comics produced five hardback copies for the purposes of quality control. Three of the five are already taken by members of the project, so this is an extremely rare opportunity to own such a copy. 

This is the first collected edition of stories of the man-eating great white shark, Hook Jaw from the pages of the million sales-per-month Action comic. Eventually banned for its graphic violence after a media outcry, this 1970s British forerunner to 2000AD saw blood-n-guts and limbs-a-flying mixed with environmental issues. Hook Jaw was an attempt to cash-in on the success of Jaws, but the horrific nature and young audience of Action weekly led to prohibition campaigns by the Evening Standard, The Sun, covered extensively at the time by the BBC.

The collection comprises the two pre-ban stories: “The Oil Rig”– in which Hook Jaw unwittingly becomes an eco-terrorist, as he eats his way through the staff of a greed-obsessed oil magnet — and “Paradise Island”. At first glance, an idyllic island for the wealthy but at what cost to the indigenous shark- worshippers?

The stories were written by Pat Mills (2000AD, “Charley’s War”, “Slaine”) and Ken Armstrong (“Shako”Dan Dare and other uncredited stories). The art is largely by the wonderful Ramon Sola (Action2000ADBattle etc) and another unnamed artist.

The official copies are a softback cover and are due to hit the comic shops in February and can be ordered from your local comic shop, Amazon, WH Smiths, Tesco or a variety of online book shops.

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