Commando Webbing: 16 November 2009

Norway sends us Nemi (published daily in The Metro and compiled annually by Titan) and in return we now send them Commando.

DC Thomson’s official CommandoMag site is reporting that Commando comics are being published in Norway by Egmont Serieforlaget with each issue of the new Kamp Og Kommando (Action and Commando) digest including four translated issues of British Commando. This is not the first time that Commando has been published in Norway as translated Commandos were originally published in the digest Kamp.

The cover for Kamp Og Kommando issue 1 is from Commando issue 46, Phantom Fighters, originally published in the UK in December 1962 with script and internal art by Peter Ford and cover art by Ken Barr. This story has already been published in Norwegian by Kamp as Fantom Jagerne.

Elsewhere in Scandinavia, Finland continues to publish Commando stories in Korkeajannitys, which translates as High Voltage.

More details of Kamp Og Kommando are available on the CommandoMag website.

More covers of Kamp and Korkeajannitys are available at the Where Eagles Dare website.

Returning to the English speaking world and the Tainted Archive blog has a new interview with Commando editor Calum Laird and writer David Whitehead. In the interview they talk about their work on Commando and speculate on exactly why the 48 year old title continues to be successful.

• Read the Tainted Archive interview here.

• Read the downthetubes interview with Calum Laird here.

Finally back on CommandoMag, and the site gives us a preview of the title page of artist Jose Maria Jorge’s latest Commando work. The issue, written by Steve Coombes, is due for release next Spring and has the working title of Crossed Sword Squadron. Jorge’s reputation of being the best regular Commando artist is well displayed in his typically accurate art of three Second World War RAF Tempest fighters flown by Polish pilots.

Rather than spoil CommandoMag’s preview by reprinting it here we will leave you instead with the the cover of Commando issue 3177, Fatal Contact, showing Jorge’s original art for an American Sabre jet’s encounter with two flying saucers – one of a wide selection of Commando cover paintings available on his website.

• See the Commando artwork preview here.
• More details of Jose Maria Jorge can be found on his website.

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