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Commando 4247
Raiders from the Sea

Story: Ian Clark

Art/Cover Gordon Livingstone

Previously published as Commando 2550

Tommy Bell was heartbroken when he was evacuated from his blitzed home city of Glasgow. To him the countryside was dull – nothing ever happened. But Adolf Hitler gave an order that was to turn Tommy’s new home into a battle-torn hot spot. Crack German troops mounted a raid to capture a British secret weapon and all that stood between them and success were a few regular soldiers, the local Home Guard – and Tommy Bell!

Commando 4248
Figthing Retreat

Story: Ian Clark

Art: Ibanez Cover: Ian Kennedy

Previously published as Commando 2565

They were the crew of one of the last Catalinas out of Singapore as it fell to the Japs – and the target of every enemy fighter around. It made sense to get out of the area fast, so what were they doing down on the sea, slowly towing two lifeboats full of exhausted infantry?

Commando 4249
The 11th Hour
Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Olivera Cover: Ian Kennedy

Sergeant Roy Willis had fought bravely throughout the First World War. By November 1918 the end was in sight, the armistice due come into force in a matter of hours. And though Roy was determined to make sure that the lads in his squad would get back home safely, a villainous fellow sergeant had other ideas. Would Roy survive to hear the clock strike… THE 11TH HOUR?

Commando 4250
Tradition of Honour
Story: Peter Grehan
Art/Cover: Carlos Pino

The Zonder and Von Trager familes had fought alongside each other in battles throughout the ages. They had never revelled in the grim realities of war but they had always acquitted themselves with honour. Now, in the Second World War, the latest generations were going into battle. But Karl Von Trager had fallen under the Nazi spell. Influenced by their ruthless tactics how could he possibly uphold the TRADITION OF HONOUR.

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