Compalcomics Auction offers rare Beanos, Frank Bellamy Art, Dick Tracy

Beano5_1938.jpgThe Spring 2010 auction at British comics auction site Compalcomics is now open.

The catalogue for the auction – one of four held every year – includes a rare copy of The Beano Issue 5 (expected to sell for between £550-600) published in 1938 – and other early issues of the comic – a complete set of Beanos from 1945, an unbroken run of Giles books (Volumes 2 – 21), two Young Marvelman annuals, a Four Feather Falls Snap Game (one of Gerry Anderson’s early TV shows) and much more.

Two complete years of bound copies of Eagle are on offer: Volume 9 from 1958 includes the free gift BEA 16 page supplement given away with Issue 36., the comics of course including Dan Dare by Frank Hampson and Winston Churchill by Frank Bellamy. Volume 10 includes two competition leaflets with Dan Dare on Safari In Space by Frank Hampson, then on a Trip To Trouble by Frank Bellamy, both stories of course recently republished by Titan Books.

A copy of the 1953 Dan Dare Space Book is also on offer – a volume that includes some superb cutaways by Frank Hampson and crew, and is expected to sell for over £80


Artwork collectors are sure to be interested in various art by Dudley Watkins, Paddy Brennan and the Frank Bellamy board above, a spread for Heros The Spartan from The Eagle centre page spread Vol 16: No 20, published in 1965. Signed by Bellamy, the art sees Heros saved from The Living Dead by Zathran, ex-commander of the Black Guard. There’s also a fabulous depiction of the Battle of Culloden on offer from ace Commando artist Ian Kennedy, some Garth strips by Martin Asbury, and a 1980 page of Faceache by the ever brilliant Ken Reid.

For music fans, also offered is a a major collection of Melody Maker. Comprising four yearly lots from 1960-1963, there are only a few issues missing and the condition is very fresh. They are publisher’s file copies, each year with its own stamped file. 1963 has The Beatles first front cover. Poptastic!

DandyMonstrComic_1944.jpg1930s bound volumes are also among the lots with 1-20 of Modern Boy with its elusive No 1 free gift ‘George V’ engine in tin plate and war year runs of Champion, Detective Weekly, Hotspur, Knock-Out, Thriller and Wizard. With the aforementioned Beano 5 there are a couple of Dandy Monster Comic and Magic-Beano Book beauties, all early years along with complete runs of Beano and Dandy comics from 1945. The 1950s offer bound volumes of Lion, Tiger, Radio Fun, TV Fun and School Friend – all high grade. Bunty, Lion, TV 21 and Valiant as well as those magnificent Melody Makers bestride the 1960s.

Dick_Tracy_01_1937_Dell.jpgThe auction’s US section profiles a rare copy of Dick Tracy No 1 from 1937 with a good run of Batman early issues, many CGC graded. The Silver Age is dominated by runs of Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers and X-Men and Two-Face returns in Batman #234 CGCd at 9.4.

• Bids will be accepted until 8 PM UK time Tuesday 2 March. To go directly to the main page for the catalogue, visit:

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