Complete Peanuts

I came across another comics gem in one of our two local Waterstones this weekend, just on sale in the UK — Charles Schultz Peanuts are being collected chronologically in some classy but reasonably priced hardback editions.

These really nice little books with foreword and then straight to the strips – and from day one in 1950, those strips are gems.

Published here by Canongate, a slew of the collections is being released, taking Peanuts fans right from Schultz first strips in 1950 through to 1970 – the last in the first phase of the collection due next May.

For anyone who’s a fan, or a cartoonist interested in seeing how Schultz world-famous strip developed these are well worth tracking down. Quite apart from anything else, the strips are a pure delight from the get go, exuding both energy and charm. Highly recommended.

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