Continued crowdfunding success for Van Ted and Wam Nick’s “Anunnaki – The Lords of Eternity”

The SF strip Anunnaki – The Lords of Eternity by writer Van Ted and artist Wamberto Nicomedes (better known as Wam Nick) is a project out of Brazil that deserves wider attention, and one that has already gained a dedicated following.

Regular readers will recall I’ve previously reported on this series, currently only available in Portuguese, a story based on ancient Babylonian myth. But now the phenomenal success of its ongoing crowdfunding campaign to bring the project to life has ensured production of a special 36-page “origin story”.

Anunnaki – The Lords of Eternity: Origin begins on a distant, dying planet, where its inhabitants face a slow death, even as scientists desperately seek a solution.

Against this background, royal rivalries come to a head and a would be ruler, Alalu, flees to ancient Earth after losing a fair challenge from Prince Anu, who claims to be the true heir to the throne.

Alalu’s flight initiates a movement that will result in the colonisation of the planet – but he is far from finished with his home world, intending to use all available resources to return to the throne of Nibiru…

A title surely deserving attention from an English language publisher, single issues of Anunnaki are being published through crowdfunding, with this latest limited edition project securing over £1400 in support from its dedicated fan base.

Van Ted is a popular writer for Crônicas da Terra – Zecharia Sitchin (the Chronicles of the Earth – by Zecharia Sitchin) and you can also find him in discussion with like minds intrigued by the theory of Ancient Astronauts on YouTube.

Brazilian artist Wam Nick’s work has appeared in hundreds of comics, picture books and entertainment magazines since 1990, and here in the UK, he created a new look for DC Thomson Media’s super hero character, King Cobra, for STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine.

He’s also worked on stage design, costume design and concept art for theatre and is currently also working on a new comics project for B7 Media here in the UK.

Rounding off the dedicated team is colourist Roe Mesquita (of All Geek Comics), making for a determined and enthusiastic band of creators delivering some knockout work.

Do check out the Page on Facebook, Anunnaki – The Lords of Eternity (Anunnaki – Os Senhores da Eternidade) for more information and links to further crowdfunding campaigns.


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