Coraline Game Released, New Trailer…

Games company D3Publisher, publishers of titles diverse as Shaun the Sheep and Ben 10: Alien Force (due for US launch February 2009) has released the Coraline videogame in the US for Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2.

Based on Laika’s new stop-motion/3D animated movie of Neil Gaiman‘s Coraline, the game allows players to take on the role of the adventurous Coraline and interact with the characters from the movie. It features the voices of Dakota Fanning (Coraline Jones), Keith David (Cat), and Robert Bailey Jr. (Wybie Lovat).

“The Coraline movie is absolutely mesmerizing,” Bill Anker, vice president of business development, D3P said when development of the game was announced last October, “and we feel that the visual style and tone of the game will bring the amazing stop-motion animated film and thrilling storyline to life for players.

“We’re confident that Coraline will offer a truly immersive and interactive gameplay experience that gamers as well as fans of the movie and best-selling book will enjoy.”

Gaiman himself reveals he’s been busy for the past few days, promoting the film as part of the international press junket. “While I am completely frazzled and braindead and hoping that room service will come while I am still awake, I am also happy that I can point to for today, and to the blog of my ultracompetent assistant Cat Mihos, to tell you what happened,” he notes on his blog.

Directed by Henry (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Selick the Coraline movie is released in the US on 6th February and 8th May in the UK. Here’s a new trailer for the film…

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