Crazy Mary joins ROK Comics

Acclaimed comic Crazy Mary has joined the ranks of a growing number of independently-created comics on the mobile comics website ROK Comics, edited by downthetubes John Freeman.

Crazy Mary is a cyberpunk action series about a bounty hunter, Mary, who can see a twisted supernatural universe that overlays and interacts with our own. Mary uses this ability along with her military training to compete in the intense world of “freelancers” a blanket term applied to Bounty Hunters, Bodyguards, Detectives, Assassins, and any other folks who get their hands dirty.

Crazy Mary combines elements of SF, Action and Horror and delivers a heroine perfect for the new millennium on the new millennium’s hottest platform.

Crazy Mary is created and written by Michael Colbert and art by critically praised painter J.K. Woodward (Peter David’s Fallen Angel, Marvel’s X-Men Mythos: Beast).

A free sample promo and serialized episodes are now available for download through

Crazy Mary also exists in analog form through Digital Webbing Presents as an on-going series, starting in November 2007.

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