Create your own Cyborg!

Art © Oliver Wetter

Sci-Fi Art Now contributor Oliver Wetter has created a Cyborg Tutorial for the new Advanced Photoshop Magazine.

“This image of a cyborg that matches the style of my Android Legacy piece, is a workshop I’ve done some weeks ago for the 100th issue of the Advanced Photoshop magazine, a truly memorable number,” he says on his blog.

“I was really glad about being asked to create a cyborg image,” He says. “This year I made some progress on digital painting techniques and found it easy to apply these to photo manipulation works as well.”

The issue not only includes Oliver’s tutorial but 100 photoshop tips too.

Advanced Photoshop offers easy-to-follow and exciting tutorials in every issue. They are written by Photoshop experts and cover digital painting, photomanipulation, photo editing, new media, typography and graphics.

Buy Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 100 here

• Read Oliver’s full post on the creation of the Tutorial on his blog here

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