Creators @ MCM Belfast Comic Con 2014

The inaugural MCM Belfast Comic Con took place over the weekend of 7/8th June drawing around 16,000 attendees to the King’s Hall Pavilion in Belfast and was reviewed here in downthetubes. A selection of the creators in the Comics Village are featured below.

A MCM Paddy
Given that the event took place in Belfast let’s start with a Belfast boy. Writer/artist/blogger Paddy Brown is the creator of the web and print comic The Cattle Raid Of Cooley which has just reached its ninth issue in print out of a planned total of ten.  This is Paddy’s comics take on the Irish legend of a war against Ulster by the Connacht queen Medb and her husband Ailill who attempt to steal the stud bull Donn Cuailnge and are opposed the Ulster hero Cú Chulainn. In addition to being a creator Paddy is also one of the bloggers on the Irish Comic News site and the writers behind the Irish Comics Wiki.

There are more details of The Cattle Raid Of Cooley and Paddy’s other work on his website:

B MCM Tanya
Edinburgh’s Tanya Roberts, with her background in Disney Pixar and Star Wars: Clones Wars comics for children, has been at Belfast events before. This time she was promoting her own title Forgotten Muse. She is currently working on a new science-fiction/fantasy comic entitled Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles which is written by Gary Chudleigh and the anthropomorphic Hamster Punk which is written by Anthony Jones. Both of these are due out later in the year.

There are more details of Tanya’s work on her Deviantart page:

C MCM Accent
Colin Mathieson and Dave West of Accent UK had a good selection of their many titles, both graphic novels and comics, over from England. Their main promotion in Belfast was with their 2ombies and Who On Earth is Thaddeus Mist? anthology graphic novels and their demon hunting/old West series WesterNoir which is a favourite here on downthetubes.

There are more details of Accent UK’s titles on their blog:

D MCM Bearlands
Jeremy Biggs  from Subversive Comics was there with his hordes of the undead – undead teddy bears that is. While I have seen two-headed, three armed Zaphod Beeblebears before (think Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy) zombie teddies were new to me, as was someone with such a similar name (much to the amusement of the Accent UK guys). Jeremy writes the full colour comic Bearlands, which is illustrated by Bakki, about his furry characters which is currently up to its fifth issue.

There are more details of Bearlands and Subversive’s range of bear products on their website:

E MCM Uproar
Finally we have Derry/Londonderry’s Uproar Comics who are best known in Northern Ireland for their ongoing series Zombies Hi which has just reached its ninth issue. Here artist Michael Arbuthnot and writer Danny McLaughlin enthusiastically promote various titles including their new A4 size full colour science fiction title Leap. Michael gave his own impressions of the event on the Uproar blog.

• There are more details of all Uproar’s titles, both print and digital, on their website:

The MCM Belfast Comic Con proved so successful that the MCM organisation have already announced that they will be returning to Belfast in June 2015.

• The MCM Belfast Comic Con website is here –

• The MCM Belfast Comic Con Facebook page is here –

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