Cromford Sci-Fi Saturday offers cracking line up of Sci-Fi models, art and costumes next weekend

Image: Cromford Mills

Live events are slowly, cautiously on the return and next Saturday, 14th August sees Cromford Sci-Fi Saturday taking place at Cromford Mills, near Matlock Bath, in Derbyshire.

It’s a free to enter public event, celebrating Sci-Fi modelmaking from various films and TV shows, and on show will be an intergalactic display of models, props, puppets and costumes from classic Sci-Fi productions of Gerry Anderson, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Star Trek … and beyond.

David Sisson’s collection of model vehicles, puppets, and props from TV shows such as Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Terrahawks and Space Precinct, will be on view, both custom-made reproductions and original items filmed at the studios.

Graham Bleathman

For comic fans, Graham Bleathman will be there, sharing a table with Tony Freeman, who will be selling lots of merchandise, and he will be taking along a selection of prints, books, some sketches to sell, and will take orders for commissions should anyone be interested.

“I might have time to do a sketch or two, but as the event runs from 10.00am to 4.00pm time will be extremely limited, Graham, best known for his Gerry Anderson shows-inspired art, cautions, “so either advance orders for £20 A4 sketches to be collected on the day might be an option, or drawings to be sent on afterwards might be a possibility too!” Contact him via his web site.

Simon Rhodes‘ collection of original costumes from Star Trek: Voyager will also be on display, as will Richard Ashton‘s (of It’s An Ashton models) display of custom made model kits and scratch built models from SF films, such as Star Wars, Firefly, and Back to the Future.

Some of Paul Darrow’s screen worn costumes from Blake’s 7, which will be on display at the event. Photo: Gary Holland (please note, low light photo)

Look out, too, for Gary Holland’s stunning collection of original costumes from the BBC television series Blake’s 7, featuring iconic clothing designs worn by the series lead stars, while from Doctor Who, Scott Goodman will appear in full costume during the day as Jon Pertwee’s the Third Doctor, bringing with him his arch-nemesis, a Dalek.

Scott Goodman

James Burgess, a costume and prop designer (online as James and his Monsters – Creature Artist), will also be displaying some of his amazing sculptures and recreations from the worlds of Doctor Who.

Bob and Sue Bailey will also be bringing along a display from the Gerry Anderson series Fireball XL5, including the star of the show, Steve Zodiac, which is the oldest known surviving complete hero puppet!

It all sounds like a grand day out, and, as mentioned, it’s free, so if you’re in the area that day, check it out. Do note local car parks do charge a fee unless you are lucky enough to find a space on the road, but for those wanting to get there by train, Cromford train station is just a very short walk away from the site.

• Cromford Sci-Fi Saturday, 10.00am – 4.00pm, Saturday 14th August 2021, Cromford Mills, Road, Matlock Cromford DE4 3RQ | Check out the event details here on the Cromford Mills web site

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