Crowdfunding Spotlight: ArcWorlde – Tales from the Journal, a fantasy comic with a game attached!

If you’re a fan of tabletop roleplaying games and comics, then a new title, ArcWorlde: Tales from the Journal – The Journey Begins might just be right up your street.

ArcWorlde - Tales from the Journal

Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, on offer is an enjoyable comic – with the option to support a “miniatures” level, too – offering a story full of monsters, magic and mayhem set within Warploque Miniatures‘ incredible ArcWorlde.

This project is a collaboration between some incredible creatives working in the comics community: Mike Garley (Adventure Time, Samurai Slasher, Our Final Halloween), Russell Mark Olson (Gateway City, SKRAWL magazine, Lady Hollywood), Lou Ashworth (Killtopia, 32 Kills, Samurai Slasher) and Mike Stock (Image, Dark Horse, ComiXology Originals).

I’ve been granted a sneak peek at this first 30-page story, which is all but complete, and it brought memories of playing RPGs flooding back, a fun story, tinged with Mike Garley’s always on the money storytelling, some funny moments, and a great introduction to ArcWorlde, to boot.

In “The Journey Begins”, a chance encounter between a man and a magical journal sends him, and an unlikely group of Swords for Hire, on a quest deep into the middle of the mysterious ArcWorlde. With danger around every corner, this group of intrepid adventurers need to band together, if they are to survive the trials and tribulations that lie in wait for them.

In this first adventure we follow The Explorer, a plucky failed Wizard, on his quest to help a mysterious sentient journal. With the help of a rag-tag band of mercenaries, they delve into the depths of the dreaded Mildaark Forest and encounter many dangerous beasts along the way.

For those unfamiliar, ArcWorlde is a narrative battle game published by Warploque Miniatures, set in a whimsical fantasy world, where you play exciting story-driven scenarios on the tabletop.

Players use their wits, tactical skill and outside-of-the-box creative thinking to play fun and memorable clashes between heroes, warbands and monsters in a game that is quick, engaging and easy to learn, with quirky and characterful miniatures.

Based in the United Kingdom, Warploque Miniatures is a company specialising in unique fantasy figures for wargamers, collectors and painters, owned and run by 28-year-old Alex Huntley, who describes himself as “a miniatures geek”. He began sculpting full miniatures of his own design aged around 16, back in 2009. After doing the odd commission for friends and followers of his various blogs, he cast and sold his first Warploque Miniatures model at the end of 2010.

Alex Huntley, creator of ArcWorlde
Alex Huntley, creator of ArcWorlde

Since then, it was pretty steady away until the launch of his first Kickstarter in August 2013, which saw the range really take off, with the Second Edition of the game released in September 2019.

To complement the new comic, Alex has sculpted a set of miniatures of the main characters. These will be cast in white metal, fine resin and also available as STL files for those with 3D printers at home.

For those who enjoy collecting old-school metal, or high-quality resin cast miniatures, the models for this campaign will be available in both.

“All models are provided unpainted and unassembled,” Alex notes. “Painting miniatures is a big part of the hobby, and I hope you enjoy working on them!”

This one is definitely for anyone who enjoys RPGs, as well as the comics that go with them. Give it a look!

Check out the ArcWorlde: Tales from the Journal – The Journey Begins campaign on Kickstarter here

• To see more of Alex’s cast work, and the rest of the ArcWorlde range, please visit us at If you’d like to check out his previous work, visit Alex’s MyMiniFactory store or his Patreon page

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