Crowdfunding Spotlight: Brightside, a spy-fi adventure by Stu Perrins and Nico Valdez

If you’re into spy-fi comics, then a creative team led by writer Stu Perrins and artist Nico Valdez (aka Nico Queme) may have something you’ll enjoy – Brightside, an action-packed steampunk-styled adventure title, Issue #1 published by Markosia last year, the creators now currently seeking support for #2 on Kickstarter.

Born in mysterious circumstances, Amelia is raised by her adoptive Father, Sir Augustus Brightside (aka The Head of Her Majesty’s Special Defences Department) to become the British Secret Services Super Spy Supreme – and protect the world from tyrannical lunatic Gideon Silver. Will she succeed? And how will she deal with gun totting housekeepers, steam powered voyager discs and karate lessons before breakfast?

Written by Stu Perrins (Chrono-Cat, Megatomic Battle Rabbit) with art by Nico Valdez (aka Nico Queme), the cover coloured by Argentinian illustrator and game developer Pixelina, with interior letters and colours by Atholl Buchan (of Buchan Comics), Brightside answers the question – “What would happen if James Bond was a steampunk Audrey Hepburn?”

  • Brightside #1 - Cover
  • Brightside #1 - Sample Art
  • Brightside #1 - Sample Art
  • Brightside #1 - Sample Art
  • Brightside #1 - Sample Art

Brightside #1 was published by Markosia last year – you can grab the Kindle edition of #1 here – and Stu tells downthetubes they’re fully committed to the project, if it gains its modest crowdfunding target for #2.

Comic.con reviewer Benjamin Hall felt the project “had potential” on release, with a few caveats.

“With favourable comparisons to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Luther Arkwright, we really need your help in helping us complete Amelia’s first adventure,” asks Stu.

Brightside #2 - Sample Art
Brightside #2 - Sample Art
Above: Teaser art from Brightside #2 by Nico Valdez

Nico’s Instagram offers some enjoyable work outside of this project, and sample pages teased for #2 indicate it has promise, now the set up for the story is out the way. If you’re a steampunk spy fan, this could be one for you to check out.

Check out Brightside here on Kickstarter

Stu has created some tie-in Brightside merchandise, including t-shirts, which you can check out here

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