Crowdfunding Spotlight: Cadavers – World Gone to Hell, a post-apocalyptic anthology from Mad Robot Comics

Inventive independent British comics publisher Mad Robot Comics have sailed past their crowdfunding target for their latest anthology project, Cadavers: World Gone to Hellbut there’s still time to back the title on Kickstarter. Created by Edward Bentley and Matt Hardy, the book includes stories from Ash Deadman, Luke FrancisRussell Mark Olson, Kieren Stevens and many more.

In Cadavers: World Gone to Hell, imagine a world where the monsters of myth and folklore live side-by-side with the rest of humanity.

Imagine that world ripped apart by the machinations of a power hungry politician and an immortal killing machine in the body of a little girl.

A World Gone To Hell…


The Cadavers anthology is a 130-page collection of stories by some of the most popular and talented indie writers and artists working today, each story a complete tale in its own right… A unique vision from the creators, but read as a whole, all form part of a connected epic story.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - Cover

Showcasing a vast range of styles, this connected anthology contains tales of love, sacrifice, murder, hatred and betrayal. Also tales of dating, suicide, weird sex and shopping. From the shocking to the sublime – we have all bases covered.

Here’s a guide to the stories planned. Each story is set in a consecutive month of the year. The year in which the world falls apart and society burns…

January kicks off with an introduction to Anima – a young girl with a secret that will shake the world to its core. Anima’s trial by fire is brought to you by Cadavers creators Matt Hardy (Murder Most Mundane, Last Exit to Brighton) and Edward Bentley (Dark Boy and Adler).

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - January

February is a change of pace. A gumshoe, noir tale of a “Blob Detective” – hot on the trail of a missing limb. Charlie Etheridge-Nunn (Who Dares Rolls) and Russell Mark Olson (Lady Hollywood, Gateway City) give us our first glimpse of a world populated by monsters and the strange – but where crime and love remain unchanged…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - February

March examines the rise to power of a pivotal player in the anthology. Matt Hardy (Last Exit to Brighton) and Clark Bint (Murder Most Mundane) give us a story called “Karma Inc”, showing how technology from the future can pollute the past and ruin the present.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - March

April introduces us to Sully – a confused, kind-hearted lump, looking for love, whilst struggling to piece himself together. Jordan Thomas (Climax) and Arturo Mesa (Infinite Seven) give us “Love in Stitches” – a misfit love story of dating apps, transforming body parts and loss.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - AprilMay gives us the story of an isolated child, an overprotective mother and a society starting to fear the monsters in their midst. In “Narrow” – Matt Hardy (Madhouse) and Luke Francis (Twisted Abnormality) give us monsters – but not quite the monsters you expect…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - May

June is the tale of a young woman – betrayed and buried alive – as the political landscape shifts to target those it sees as threats. Ash Deadman (Murder Most Mundane) and Lyndon White (Hexes, The Mind of James Svengal) give us “Buried Deep” – the tragic story of the Cadaver called Revenant…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - June

July – and with open hostility towards Spectrals now part of everyday life – the fearsome Bogeyman takes matters into his own hands by…. going shopping for cat food. The Dark-Boy and Adler team of Dan Earey and Edward Bentley give us “The Tuna Eclipse” – a lighthearted tale of supermarket aisles, cats and fish products…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - July


August – as a thought-plague infection spreads throughout the world – we find ourselves in a hospital with a young woman being hunted by the haunted. In “Your Blood” – Cadavers creators Matt Hardy (Madhouse) and Edward Bentley (Last Exit to Brighton) deliver the bad news…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - August

September… As the world falls apart, a Spectral who feels no pain finds himself the victim of a brutal assault. Kieren Stevens (Broadcast Comics) and Thodoris Laourdekis (Four Thieves, Sicarius & Red Echo) present “Macabre” – a harrowing tale of a man pushed too far…

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - September

October… Two scientists conduct experiments to examine the boundaries between worlds – as their assistant slowly falls in love with a figure across the divide. Charlie Etheridge-Nunn (Who Dares Roles, Cuckoo) and Rory Donald (Griff Gristle, Resurrection Men) give us “Fractured”. A tale of choices. All bad.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - October

November finds a group of children picking their way through their decaying city – as the world finally falls apart. Jordan Thomas (Love in Stitches) and Daniel Maine (The Musketeers, Robyn Hood) present “Come See” – a tale of lost childhood and death.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell -  November

December… With society lost and Spectrals openly hunted – the Spectral known as Poltergeist flees – and fights – for his life. Matt Hardy (Murder Most Mundane) and Jonathan Scott (Comichaus, Future Quake) – finish out the year with “Forced Perspective” – a story of extreme personal tragedy and loss.

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell - December

So – we have stories of horror. Stories of violence. And surprisingly – a number of stories about love. Also a story about a Blob solving crimes in a Fedora. Not many anthologies have all that!

And running through each tale there are the manipulations of the true villains of the story, subtly influencing events from behind the scenes, orchestrating their rise to power and unleashing terror on the world….

One Story, told by twelve Artists. One Weird and Wonderful World – Eating Itself Alive.

Back Cadavers: World Gone to Hell here onKickstarter

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