Crowdfunding Spotlight: Kia Wordsmith from Accent UK

Kia Wordsmith I recently got chatting to Ian Ashcroft and he and I are are venturing on a short story for an upcoming anthology. He asked to show me some art from his current project, entitled Kia Wordsmith. I immediately insisted that he send me some samples.

The quality of what he and Dave West are working on is flabbergastingly original and beautiful (I’ve dropped page two into this preview below). I’ve had a look at some of the other pages and I can tell you that this is one of the 2018 Kickstarted projects that will be well worth your time.

You can see that this is a labour of love in all the multi-faceted pages, incredible detail and original layouts. It is a ballet of storytelling and combines all that we love in fantasy from the storytelling of books like Sandman, Mage and Fables to the album covers of progressive rock bands in the 1970s that you could stare at all day! It is also a tale of growth and experience in a world that lives in the shadows of the fantastical and the impact of wartime. Impressive stuff indeed.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress of the project but I’ve added the Press Release below and will be updating you with news of the crowd founder and the release at Nottingham Comic Con in October. Keep them peeled.Kia Wordsmith

Accent UK are publishing their first fantasy comic book in the shape of Kia Wordsmith.

Written by Dave West (Stephenson’s Robot, WesterNoir and Whatever Happened To the World’s Fastest Man?) with art by Ian Ashcroft (Tales of WesterNoir), the comic follows the story of a teenage girl living in a city that’s at war.

It’s a distant war, but it has changed her city in many ways. Kia escapes her daily routine by running the city’s rooftops at night, and it is only here that she feels truly free and truly alive.

But there are others who also use the city’s rooftops and Kia finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with Thar-Lax, master thief. A thief who is breaking into the Floating Tower of  the Wizard Zax-Al. Will she follow?’

Kia Wordsmith

Kia Wordsmith will be looking for Backers on Kickstarter in September, and will be launched at the Nottingham Comic Con in October.”

• Find out more about Accent UK at and follow them on Twitter @AccentUK

• You can find Ian and examples of his artwork on Instagram at and contact him for commissions etc at

Many thanks for reading.

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