Crowdfunding Spotlight: Kicking Ice, a Graphic Novel About Women’s Hockey

Ron Marz is, perhaps, better known as a comics writer, but he’s also an editor – and as Editor-in-Chief for Ominous Press, and one of the projects he’s currently editing is an original graphic novel called Kicking Ice.

“I think it’ s special project, and I’m proud to be involved in it,” says Ron, drawing attention to the project this morning.

Kicking Ice - Cover

Kicking Ice is the story of two girls, Bella and Skye, who dream of growing up to play professional women’s ice hockey and although the project has already secured its $12,000 plus funding target on Kickstarter, it’s a comics story you might have missed that deserves attention.

Bella and Skye are the only girls on their co-ed hockey team and learn to overcome bullying from some of their male opponents. In particular, a rival player named Derek likes to tease Bella and Skye by telling them that girls will never be as good at hockey as boys.

Of course, Bella and Skye prove that kicking ice isn’t just for boys.

Kicking Ice - ArtKicking Ice - Art

“It’s a story of empowerment, perseverance, and progress,” Ron pitches. “The project has the complete cooperation of the National Women’s Hockey League, and celebrates the pioneering and current NWHL players who are making women’s pro hockey a reality.

“The graphic novel’s creative team of writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Lee Moder, colourist Marissa Louise, and letterer Troy Peteri is doing amazing work,” he enthuses.

Stephanie is a writer and PhD student in Tampa, Florida who has written about women’s hockey for SB Nation and has played roller and ice hockey since she was in middle school. Stephanie is bringing her love of hockey to Kicking Ice as the writer and creator.

Lee’s work has appeared with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and more, while colourist Marissa, a graduate of Pratt Institute of Fine Arts has worked for Marvel, DC, Albatross and many other publishers.

Ominous Press had a brief, initial life in the mid-1990s, before the crash of the comic market brought down so many fledgling publishers – but in partnership with IDW returned last year, releasing all-new material. The Ominous Press team is headed up by Chief Creative Officer Bart Sears, Publisher Sean HusVar, Editor-in-Chief Ron Marz, and Art Director Andy Smith. They relaunched with the fantasy adventure Dread Gods, written by Ron Marz and drawn by Tom Raney, last year.

Kicking Ice has already reached its funding goal, a testament to the project’s appeal and importance,” says Ron. “But stretch goals lie ahead, and a portion of all sales goes to the NWHL to support both the players and programs to expand women’s hockey. We want to keep up the momentum.”

Check out the “Kicking Ice” Kickstarter page, and consider a pledge or even spreading the campaign via social media

Find Kicking Ice on Facebook | Twitter: @KickingIce | Instagram: @Kicking_Ice

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