Crowdfunding Spotlight: KLASSIFIED #2, from White Eye Productions

American independent publisher White Eye Productions has launched a Kickstarter for the second issue of KLASSIFIED, a gritty, mature readers title that should appeal to fans La Femme Nikita, The X-Files and The X-Men – but very much its own thing.

KLASSIFIED was part of an anthology, but I spun it out on its own,” writer and publisher Lawrence White tells me, who I first encountered back in my days heading up ROK Comics.

“Although our first Kickstarter for KLASSIFIED #1 didn’t reach goal, we did manage to get our first issue out there. Hopefully, we learned from our mistakes, and will have a successful crowdfunding launch with issue #2.”

KLASSIFIED (White Eye Productions, 2023)
A page from KLASSIFIED #2, pencils by Federico Zumel, from White Eye Productions
A page from KLASSIFIED #2, pencils by Federico Zumel, from White Eye Productions
Art from KLASSIFIED Issue #2. Pages above pencilled by Federico Zumel
A page from KLASSIFIED #2, pencils by Federico Zumel, from White Eye Productions
Art by Federico Zumel and Ricardo Jaime

This issue, the adventure, centring on a suddenly super-powered woman, kicks into high gear as “The Beast of Island Park” unleashes his fury on a pair of shadowy government agents hellbent on capturing him.

“Elsewhere, our heroine, Kristie, tries to come to grips with her life turning upside down with the emergence of her new super powers,” Lawrence says. “All the while, she attempts to evade capture from a military group chasing her through the streets of Los Angeles.

In another part of the city, an agent affiliated with those that are battling The Beast deal with the aftermath of being defeated by another super-powered woman, Gail. Reaching a safehouse, the agent meets up with his boss, Renaldo, a man with his own evil intentions for everyone involved.

KLASSIFIED #1 Cover by Carlos Villas
KLASSIFIED #1 Cover by Carlos Villas

Enter a stranger named Anthony, accompanied by a small band of self-proclaimed ‘liberators’ for people like Kristie and Gail. Is he a friend or foe? He claims to be an ally. Yet, with all the life-shattering events taking place, Kristie has no idea who to trust!

“Get ready for a rollercoaster ride!” Lawrence enthuses.

White Eye Productions was founded and run by writer-artist Lawrence White, a life-long comic book geek/historian who lives and breathe everything “comics”.

“My passion now, as an indie creator, is to get all the stories my team and I have created out into the world,” he says.

Check out the Kickstarter for KLASSIFIED #2 here

White Eye Productions comic books on Discord

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