Crowdfunding Spotlight: Malty Heave #2 – The Horror Issue

British comic creators Phil Elliott and Robert Wells are back at the comics coal face with another issue of their anthology comic Malty Heave – a horror story edition, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Malty Heave #2 - Cover

“I hope you like horror,” says Robert, “because Admiral Malty’s got plenty for you!”

Inspired by Phil and Robert’s love of classic horror mags like Creepy and Eerie, Malty Heave #2 – The Horror Issue offers two all-new stories.

The Game” a 12-page story by Phil Elliott, is set in a futuristic virtual reality game, where a young boy, tormented by famous monsters of filmland receives help from a most unusual source.

Malty Heave #2 - The Game

That Bloody Llama” by Robert Wells is an affectionate homage to Bernie Wrightson’s strips for Creepy and Eerie (particularly “The Black Cat” and “Jenifer”).

Malty Heave #1, which was published last spring, is also available as an option for backers, but the stories in both issues are completely self-contained. (There’s also the opportunity to purchase other comics by Robert and Phil that will be displayed as add-ons when you have made your initial pledge).

Malty Heave #2 - That Bloody Llama

Plus, if you back Malty Heave you get the chance to own a drawing of your favourite Horror character by Phil and Rob – and there are other add-on offers, too.

Check out Malty Heave #2 – The Horror Issue here on Kickstarter | Check out Malty Heave here on Facebook

Malty Heave #2 - Pirate Phil Elliott
Pirate Phil Elliott

Phil Elliott has been active in the comic book industry since he was a youngster.  He launched and co-edited the Fast Fiction fanzine in the 1980s and has continued to create work for comics in the UK and abroad.

Phil has successfully steered five previous Kickstarter campaigns, including three collections of his work with Eddie Campbell and the recently published Circus DeNiro with Michael Powell. He’s also a contributor to other popular Kickstarter comics, The77Scrawl and Comic Scene Annual.

Malty Heave #2 - Pirate Robert Wells
Pirate Robert Wells

Robert Wells has been writing and drawing comics since the early-1990s. His debut graphic novel, Back, Sack & Crack (& Brain), was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize in 2014 and published by Robinson / Little, Brown in 2017.

Since then, he has written and drawn Love Her Madly for Aces Weekly and drawn and successfully Kickstarted two issues of the ongoing series Department of the Peculiar, written by Rol Hirst. He has also drawn a strip for #4 of The77, written by Paul Duncan, which will be Kickstarting soon.

Check out Malty Heave #2 – The Horror Issue here on Kickstarter | Check out Malty Heave here on Facebook

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