Crowdfunding Spotlight: Philip J Bond’s INK 12″ volume one

For the last six years, comic book artist Philip Bond has been creating 8cm square original ink drawings for INKTOBER, an annual online event which challenges artists to produce an ink drawing every day of the month of October.

These little artworks adorn the homes of collectors and tastemakers the world over – and now, these sought after treasures can be yours too.

Philip is now offering INK over on Kickstarter, raising over £6300 so far, a collection of fine oversized reproductions of astronauts, aliens, robots, pop culture favourites, and, above all, astronauts.

Twelve black and white drawings are lovingly selected, printed via full spectrum digital press on 80# (216gsm) solar white cover stock, and packaged in a stylish thick spined full-colour signed twelve-inch sleeve.

Display them in your lounge, office, or boudoir. Give them individually as gifts to loved ones. Horde and hide them away as secret family heirlooms. Maybe file the sleeve amongst your obscure vinyl records for a curious phonophile to stumble upon.

Bonus rewards tiers include Aggregation #1, a new 40-page 7inch booklet featuring more drawings, and one of 30 new original pieces produced daily during the Kickstarter.

Philip Bond has been creating comics since the late 1980s as a part of the seminal UK magazine Deadline. His art can be seen in fondly remembered DC titles like Kill Your Boyfriend,The Invisibles and Vimanarama.

He recently served as lead designer at the IDW imprint Black Crown, where he also drew the book Eve Stranger.

Check out Philip Bond’s INK 12” volume one on Kickstarter here

• More information on the INKTOBER challenge:

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