Crowdfunding Spotlight: post apocalyptic thriller Camp VA07 returns

Last year, we threw the spotlight on CAMP VA07 #1 – a post apocalyptic thriller from James McCulloch, the writer of the award winning City of Lost Souls, with art by Jonathan Scott, lettered by Rob Jones – and now, the team are seeking backing for the second issue on Kickstarter.

A project from the independent publisher and comics distributor Comichaus, in the future of CAMP VA07, all animal life has been wiped out by a disease known as “The Red”. The world’s agricultural industry crumbles under the weight of demand for food.

Our saviours come in the form of an alien race, but their help comes at a price. They need our blood. Food in exchange for our blood…

It seemed so simple. But now, the human race live as servants to alien overseers, farmed for food by an alien race, who are unforgiving in their treatment.

But one family has had enough… it’s time to fight back.

“In Issue Two, we find the family trying to deal with the fallout of the events from Issue One,” James teases, “While Mary seeks help from an old friend to save Isaac from his impending fate.”

Already fully funded, you can still back the campaign, which also re-offers Issue One for those who missed it, here on Kickstarter until 2nd September 2021.

All rewards over £7 now also include a one-month free subscription to Comichaus, the Netflix of indie comics. With titles ranging from Legends or Red Sonja, the misadventures of Adam West and Commando. With publishers ranging from BHP, Dark Horse, Card Shark Comics and more.

The first issue was very well received, Comics Anonymous noting the story is “as apocalyptic a scenario as you can get.

“The team stray away from too many cliches and instead settle for keeping the worst events on the periphery to build the suspense through until the very last page.”

Writer James McCulloch is a writer and musician from central Scotland who watches far too many bad films. On his days off he writes horror comics and plays bass in She Burns Red.

Artist Jonathan Scott has been working in comics since 2015 and has produced artwork for such clients as Comichaus, Soaring Penguin Press, Mad Robot Comics, Act Against Abduction, Jack Spratt Press, Sliced Quarterly, The Psychedelic Journal and Future Quake Press.

He spends most of his time drawing comics and pretending to do things other than draw comics.

Letterer Rob Jones is a writer and letterer of comics. He has worked for such reputable comic publishers as Image, Humanoids, B7 Comics, Crucible Comic Press, DC Thomson, Comichaus, Markosia, Madius Comics, Mad Robot Comics “and many other disreputable droves of underfed, light-starved and malnourished comic creators”. He is well known in Yorkshire for screaming obscenities at pigeons!

Check out the Kickstarter from CAMP VA07 #2 here

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