Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sentinel #4 set to send you screaming!

Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore

After three successful and critically lauded issues, it’s time for the independently-published British “digest size” comic Sentinel to move into the horror genre with a new take on British girls comics horror stories.

Seeking backing now on Kickstarter, “Misty Moore” is a 64-page, black and white, square bound comic in the style of DC Thomson Media’s Commando title, featuring a complete story.

Written by Alan Holloway, with art by Ian Beadle, two versions of this latest issue of Sentinel are on offer – the standard cover from the title’s co-founder Ed Doyle, and a limited edition cover art from Neil Sims, who we’re told will be returning to the comic in the future.

It’s 1982. Misty moves to a new town and is horribly bullied at her new school. At her wits end, she is confronted by Janet, the spirit of another bullied girl who comitted suicide 30 year earlier. Janet offers Misty the chance to get revenge on the bullies, but how far will Misty go?

  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Regular Cover by Ed Doyle
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Limited Edition cover by Neil Sims
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art
  • Sentinel Issue 4 - Misty Moore - Sample Art

Inspired by British girls comics of the 1970s and 80s, Misty Moore is dark, atmospheric and highly emotional. Rather than cheap scares, it delivers a compelling story, well rounded characters and art that will have you looking over your shoulder as you read it.

The project is not far off its £780 target, so why not check out this acclaimed independent British comic project now.

The Kickstarter for Sentinel #4 is here | Find Al and Ed’s “The Whole Twoth and More” on Facebook

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