Crowdfunding Spotlight: SHARKS! by Christian Talbot and Sophie Hodge

SHARKS! by Christian Talbot and artist Sophie Hodge

Note: Not Final Cover

The eagerly anticipated book of internet sensation The Life of Sharks is finally here – of it will be if folk hunt it down and spear a copy of SHARKS! on Unbound. It’s much nicer than spearing real sharks, which we do not endorse, ever, here on downthetubes. (Yes, even Hookjaw. He’s just misunderstood. Honest).

Having gone viral all-over social media, your favourite The Life of Sharks comics – the creation of “comedian, actor, writer and wine vessel” Christian Talbot and artist Sophie Hodge – are being collected in a beautiful hardback printed edition along with some new and exclusive cartoons you’ll never see online (unless someone takes a photograph of them and puts them on Facebook… but you won’t do that, because you love us and you’re cool, right? Yes, you’re cool).

The Life of Sharks by Christian Talbot and artist Sophie Hodge


This book has everything a fan of talking Selachimorpha could ever want, featuring real facts about sharks, the truth about their dating lives, and the unseen influences of humans on the undersea world.

The comic, says Sophie, “is about the minutiae of everyday life, relationships and emotions. That’s kind of funny when you put it into the mouths of fish that are perceived to be cold hearted killers.”

The Life of Sharks by Christian Talbot and artist Sophie Hodge

“They can be about anything, really,” adds Christian. “I just like the way we can anthropomorphise the sharks. Sharks just seemed like the funniest animal to try and give human emotions to and put into relationships because they’re seen as being cold, solitary, killing machines. Plus s

“harks are just cool. Also, sharks can’t claim royalties.”

With hilarious illustrations, SHARKS! sheds a timely light on the full, rich lives of Great Whites, reef sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks, basking sharks, and more, along with their faithful friends the remoras, and their non-shark friends and neighbours.

Check out the SHARKS! crowdfunder here on Unbound and read an interview with its creators here

Read The Life of Sharks online at

Follow The Life of Sharks on Twitter @thelifeofsharks

Listen to our interview with Unbound editor Lizzie Kaye on the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast

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