Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack #2

Way back in 2018, cartoonist Tom Sparke caught my beady eye with a collection of his webcomic, Captain Fishbeard, which I suggested readers investigate.

Since then, he’s been doing a lot more great comics, including launching The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack last year – and now, a second issue is in the works – successful crowdfunding permitting.

“With the support of the generous backers of the first issue, last year’s project was a great success,” says Tom. “I think the second book builds on the first and adds a bit more drama to the comedy.”

In case you missed the first issue, The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack follows the adventures of the eponymous hero as well as his friends and co-conspirators, Tina Biscuit (clever and sneaky) and Hyde, the gentle, sophisticated beast.

Set in Victorian (or ‘olden days’) London, Issue 1 introduced us to these characters and their mission to help the poorest and re-distribute wealth in their own unique and hopefully hilarious ways.

An illustrator and cartoonist, Tom Sparke specialises in fun, anarchic cartoons and has tried his hand at books, magazines, puzzles, cards, t-shirts, cushions, TV props, maps and says he’ll try pretty much anything else!

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack - Dopey Dog Badge
How can you resist?

This issue of The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack not only offers further very silly looking adventures. There’s also the chance to also get the ‘Dopey Dog’ pin badge, which pops with bright blue and pink colours. The dog appears in numerous works of art in the background of the comics.

“The first stretch goal has recently been hit,” Tom tells us, “so there is now a holographic sticker free with every issue!”

Check out The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack here on Kickstarter

Tom Sparke is online at | Patreon | Twitter | Buy Tom’s Comics

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack #1
Copies of The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack are available from Tom’s Etsy store

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