Crowdfunding Spotlight: This Comic is Haunted

This Comic is Haunted is the latest anthology project to be announced from the The77 Publications, which hit Kickstarter like a train and was fully backed in just seven days – but there’s still time to lend this horror comic your support.

This Comic is Haunted #1 Cover by Ian Stopforth
This Comic is Haunted #1 Cover by Ian Stopforth

The first issue will be officially launched at the Birmingham I.C.E comic convention on 10th September 2022, and right now, the editorial team are hoping they’ll hit their £5000 stretch “ghoul” soon – a digital package of some 20 extra pages that couldn’t be included in the print anthology.

Curated and edited by The77‘s Dave Heeley – creator of “Division’77” and “Silver Jubilee”, this 36-page horror anthology is being offered with two incredible covers, one by Ian Stopforth and Alex Ronald.

This Comic is Haunted #1 Variant Cover by Alex Ronald
This Comic is Haunted #1 Variant Cover by Alex Ronald

It contains six stories from the twisted minds of Alan Hebden, Catherine Wild, Bambos Georgiou, Jo Heeley and Dave Heeley. These are beautifully illustrated nightmares from the quills of Mark Marren, Gary Burley, Andrew Richmond, Ian Stopforth, Lee Milmore (2000AD‘s 2022 art stars winner), and will also feature a wickedly funny tale in each issue by the wonderful Lew Stringer.

And, if that’s not enough for you, how about an incredible back cover by fan favourite Ade Hughes?

Art from "The Drummer from Hell" by Alan Hebden and Lee Milmore
Art from “The Drummer from Hell” by Alan Hebden and Lee Milmore

If the first issue is a success – and support on Kickstarter suggest it will be the project earning a ‘Projects We Love’ support – then we can look forward to more issues in future. Currently, The77 team plan to publish two editions a year.

This Comic is Haunted will always contain a mix of both ongoing and stand-alone stories,” says editor Dave Heeley. “For example, in Issue One, we have three ongoing stories and three one-shot strips.

“We really are blessed with an incredible line up of creators,” he adds. “We have the legendary Alan Hebden and Lee Milmore on ‘The Drummer from Hell’, Bambos Georgiou and Gary Burley on ‘Hill of the Dead’, Jo Heeley and Ian Stopforth working on ‘The Lodger’, Dr Catherine Wild and Andrew Richmond on ‘Tina’s Party’, the incredible Lew Stringer will also be providing comic relief with ‘Short, Sharp Shocks’, and I have written ‘The Bones of Winter’, which is drawn by Mark Maren.

Art for "The Lodger" by Jo Heeley and Ian Stopforth
Art for "The Lodger" by Jo Heeley and Ian Stopforth
Art for “The Lodger” by Jo Heeley and Ian Stopforth

“There is a wide array of both styles and Horror sub-genres in there from Ghosts to Zombies and even a touch of magical Folk horror. 

“Anyone who loves well crafted and beautifully drawn comics will love this,” he enthuses.

“We are aiming for a ’15 certificate’ rather than a ‘video nasty’ I’m a fan of all horror but I think a sense of dread can be as effective as a bucket of blood. That being said, there’s room for all sorts of stories in TCIH – but we probably won’t be banned by the authorities!”

Check out This Comic is Haunted here on Kickstarter

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