Crowdfunding Spotlight: TorsoBear – The Final Chapter

Independent comics creator and publisher Brett Uren has just launched the Kickstarter for Torsobear: Back on the Blocks – the third and final volume of the much-praised cartoon noir comic book about toy-on-toy crime in a fantastic city of playthings, created by Brett with many fantastic contributing writers and artists.

“What Torsobear does magnificently is transplant the world of creepy crime noir successfully into a bubblegum world of rainbows, lemonade rain, care bear lookalikes and toys of our youth,” noted Tony Esmond of the project in his review of Yarns from Toyburg,  “In the stories, the toy destruction is a form of horrific plastic surgery cannibalism, the teddy bear mayor is of course both corrupt and weak willed… It’s a twisted and dark world of crime, horror and weakness.”

Torsobear 3 Cover

Featuring a cover by Hal Laren, if funding is a success, which will ensure the creators get a decent page rate for their work, this final volume will be published in the US/UK and online by Source Point Press, known for releasing Holliston, Up the River, Monstrous and The Rot.

Torsobear is a story is for anybody who loves cute toys and cartoons from the early 20th century to now. To handle them, you got to have stuffing of steel!

Torsobear - Search

Torsobear - Saturday Morning Wars

Torsobear: Back on the Blocks offers fans the chance to return to Toyburg one more time, where the puzzle-piece streets thunder with voices raised against Mayor Huggington. In a police force of hired ex-villains, Ruxby Bear is one of the few real cops who pledge to protect and serve all toys.

Along with his old wooden friend Hazbrow, and wife Mytell, they must stand strong against the tyranny of powerful toys. Can they stop their fellow citizens from wrecking the districts, and the evil Copycat in his quest for chaos?

Fuzzy families, police and criminals all have their perspective on the rising chaos gripping Toyworld, and how they face the dangers will define them.
Ruxby gets real, because it’s time to clean up those blocks.’

Torsobear - Snaplok“We need the funding to pay our diverse creative team for their input, and the first printing of this third book itself for shipping to backers and sale at conventions,” Brett tells us. “We will also make it available digitally.

“Torsobear has come a long way from the original short in the Outré anthology, to a series positively received by readers and press. A collaborative project that emerged from a small idea, it has grown into a whole world with a rich history and social structure.”

There are plenty of rewards on offer for backers of this project, including toys, a character in the book – and story outcomes will be created by readers!”

Torsobear Volume 3 - Saturday Morning Wars - Choose the Outcome

Kieran Squires‘ “The Saturday Morning Wars”, has a few key scenes that will play out differently based on votes. Above is a match up between massive toys My Pet Monster and Roids – let the team know who should win at their Facebook page to make Toyburg history…

“My previous books, Kuzimu and The Vale can be obtained on some reward levels (mature readers only for these titles), as can sketch cards, t-shirts and original artwork from the artists,” says Brett. “For fans of fun and crime, this is something totally unique, bursting with energy and passion.”

Creators on this anthology project, along with Brett are Cy Dethan, Cassie Gregory, Charlie Hogg, Janos Honkonen, Faye Harmon, Gustavo Jimenez, Hal Laren, Frank Martin, Glenn Møane, Edward Norden, Mike Orvis, Yen Quach, Stephen Sharar, Kieran Squires, Saoirse Louise Towler, Stuart Uren, Nic Wilkinson and Carlos Zamudio,


Back Torsobear Volume 3: Back on the Blocks here on Kickstarter

If you’re a backer and refer a friend to back us (they need to tell me in a message), then you get the an art print of Edwin by Yen Quach (from Frank Martin’s “One Giant Step for Toykind”) or Copycat. Even non-backers get on the thank you page in our book if a new backer tells us where they saw your post.


Read our 2015 interview with Brett Uren about the Torsobear project

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• In this new opinion piece, Brett Uren argues for the need for alternative distribution methods for independent comics into comic shops, outside of US market leader Diamond Distributors – and how, with some caveats, Kickstarter is proving a game changer…

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