Cubicle 7 Announces New Doctor Who Game, “Timeclash”

Cubicle 7: Doctor Who: Timeclash

British game makers Cubicle 7 – already publishers of the Doctor Who Card Game and Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space – has showcased a new Doctor Who licensed game designed by Jeff Tidball (Horus Heresy, Pieces of Eight, Mercante) at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Doctor Who: Timeclash will release this autumn and ICV2 (which has more pictures of the game on its site) reports the initial starter set will focus on the conflict between the Twelfth Doctor and the Daleks.

The game utilises a three arc system, and will be expanded in the future to include other Doctors and Enemies.

A Cubicle 7 representative described Time Clash as a “light, easy game, with loads of options, loads of replay-ability, and scope for expansions.”

The company recently announced its writing team has expanded, joined on a full-time basis by Walt Ciechanowski and Ken Spencer in February. Walt has previously written extensively for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game and heads up the company’s Victoriana team.

Ken is the designer and lead writer for Rocket Age, and has written for The One RingWorld War Cthulhu and Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

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