Cursed Earth Mega-epic kicks off new 2000AD book range

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Saga

One of the all-time greatest Judge Dredd stories ever told is returning in a brand new pocket-sized format.
The Cursed Earth, the first ‘mega-epic’ featuring the famous Lawman of the Future, is being published in B-format for the first time.

A deadly plague is ravaging the futuristic metropolis of Mega-City Two on the American West Coast. To deliver a life-saving vaccine to the city, Judge Dredd and his crew of Judges, war droids and the lawbreaking biker, Spikes Harvey Rotten, must travel across ‘the Cursed Earth.’

This hellish radioactive wasteland is filled with hate-filled mutants, flying rats, rampaging monsters and crazed war robots. Many men have attempted to cross it and most have failed, but Judge Dredd has a duty to perform – even if he has to crawl all the way himself!

Written by Pat Mills and John Wagner, with art by Mick McMahon and Brian Bolland, The Cursed Earth is the early classic that cemented Dredd’s reputation as the legendary hard man of British comics.

These stylish new B-format editions bring the classic Judge Dredd stories from the best-selling Complete Case Files series to open up the world of Dredd to new readers and fans at a low price.

The Cursed Earth is released next week, 2nd February in the UK. ISBN 978-1-781080-08-5 , £6.99

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3 replies

  1. So is this ‘b-format’ black and white, or will it be a reprint of the 2000AD Books colour version from the 90s?

  2. Something was nagging at me even as I wrote that comment – my memory was definitely playing tricks with me, and I confused the full colour 2000AD Books Judge Child Quest collection with the Quality Comics Law Of Dredd reprint series, which featured a coloured Cursed Earth early on in its run.

    My bad, sorry!

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