Daily Mail goes berserk over Beano “farting statue” idea for new V&A Museum

Classic modern art from the 1963 Beano Book

Classic modern art from the 1963 Beano Book

British daily newspaper the Daily Mail has gone into outrage overdrive over a leaked memo which it claimed suggested London’s Victoria & Albert Museum had plans to turn its galleries over to the Beano, which apparently include augmenting the cast of Michelangelo’s David to make a farting noise as visitors pass.

In fact, the Beano tie in plans are all still in discussion – and they relate to the new V&A Museum of Design situated in Dundee, which will open next year, when The Beano also celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Ideas in the leaked memo sound great to us, including adding comic illustrations to the case containing Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook and a display of catapults, the weapon favoured by Dennis the Menace, the comic’s most famous character.

They’re also completely in keeping with the kind of projects The Beano and publisher DC Thomson have been engaged in for years which the Mail’s reporter “Sebastian Shakespeare” seems totally unaware of, such as major art installations on London’s South Bank or working with top designer Wayne Hemingway.

Of course, the Daily Mail goes pretty much apoplectic about virtually anything, and it’s a paper that on occasion seems unconcerned if the facts get in the way of a good headline, especially if they can lambast a former Labour MP in the process.

The paper’s article name checked Tristram Hunt, the V&A director, in its first sentence. We suspect this isn’t a coincidence.


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