Dan Dare at the Science Museum

Good news for Frank Hampson fans. The upcoming Dan Dare and the Birth of High Tech Britain exhibition at London’s Science Museum, which opens next week, now includes murals drawn by Dan Dare creator Hampson back in 1977.

Talking of this new exhibition, the Science Museum includes some Dan Dare related items on its new “Object Wiki” and people are being invited to comment on the items. These include some Dan Dare art boards, such as this one by Don Harley, and an entry for a Frank_Hampson “Ideas Book”

The description for this intriguing item reads: “A great deal of study and background work went into the development ofeach Dan Dare story. New equipment, vehicles and spaceships were sketched and thought out in great detail before being drawn for thestrip. This album shows war machines featured in the story Rogue Planet during 1956.”

Ther’es also an entry for Dan_Dare_Toys, but, like the “Ideas Book” no image has yet been posted.

Dan Dare and the Birth of High-Tech Britain runs from 30 Apr 2008 until Sun 25 October 2009 at The Science Museum, London. Bookings and Enquiries: 0870 870 4868


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  1. Gosh, for once I wish I was back in England rather than living out here in Thailand – would love to see the exhibition! Lol! 🙂

    Always a pleasure reading your updates and news John!

    All the best,

    Peter Inns.

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