Ewing and Holden Interviewed

Matthew Badham has just posted a great interview with 2000AD and small press creators Al Ewing and PJ Holden (who has also worked for Image Comics and Fantagraphics) on his Overspill blog.

“We were supposed to be talking about Dead Signal, their new series for science fiction comic 2000 AD, ” says Matthew. “Instead, we rambled on like lunatics.”

Lunatics they may be but the interview has some interesting points about creating an entirely “new” universe for a comic strip. Al, who works mainly for 2000AD, although he has also written two novels, also talks about Tempest, his ‘ninja judge’ strip that has been running for the last five months in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

Both creators are pleased with the way their work has been received by fans. “What really helps is my brother being proud of me,” says Al. “That was a good moment when I heard that. Mum and Dad are very proud as well, but Tom’s the person who got me into 2000AD and he really understands the significance of me managing to actually achieve what I’ve wanted to do all my life, whereas my parents are just glad I’ve made good with my foolish hobby.”

“I’m amused at how about 80 per cent of the reviews of my work say ‘this is his best work yet’ or ‘seems to have really improved since the last time’,” says Holden, “Which means I’m either f****** great now, or I was really, really s*** to begin with! I’m proud of my reputation within 2000AD of the go-to guy for deadline crunches.”

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