Dan Dare Times Two, Exhibition in Southport

(with thanks to Stuart Roberts): Local Southport paper Champion reports the town, once home to his creator, Frank Hampson, can now boast two Dan Dare statues.

Two busts are currently being stored at Atkinson Art Gallery in Lord Street. A second statue was made for an exhibition, which is due to go on display at the Botanic Gardens Museum while the “real” Dan – a bust created some time ago which had been located at Cambridge Walks Arcade but had been vandalised – will be put in Wayfarers Arcade.

“Dan Dare is a massive part of the town’s history,” Eagle Club member and local councillor David Tattersall says. “Everyone who knows about the Pilot of The Future should be able to see the bust in Wayfarers and share their memories.”

Meanwhile, the Southport Visiter, which regularly reports on Dan Dare because of the town’s connection with his creator, has a feature on the new Dan Dare comic, reporting on the first issue’s strong sales.

Colin Gould, of the town’s Planet Eater comic book store in Union Street, told the paper he can’t sell his supply of the new comic quick enough.

He told the Visiter: “A lot of the regular customers have been coming in and asking for it, many are people who read the original Eagle in the 1950s.

“It is selling really, really well and the suppliers have had to order another shipment from America.”

The paper also reports a collection of Dan Dare memorabilia, loaned by Frank Hampson’s son, Peter, is currently on display at Churchtown Botanic Gardens Museum.

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