David Hine, Mark Stafford join Soaring Penguin’s “Meanwhile…” project

David HineSoaring Penguin Press has announced that Mark Stafford (Cherubs, The Lovecraft Anthology) and David Hine (Storm Dogs, The Darkness, Marvel Noir) will be teaming up again, post The Man Who Laughs, their critically acclaimed adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel.

Their new, original story, The Bad Bad Place, will be serialised in Meanwhile…,  British publisher Soaring Penguin Press’s bi-monthly anthology title, which will begin May 2014.

The series follows the sordid and mysterious history of Faraway Hills, a typical modern-built small town in middle-England, seemingly left deserted and abandoned by its citizens – apart from a madman.

The madman, the town’s former Town Crier, reveals story by story the various individuals that disappeared into a mysterious sprawling Victorian manor at the border of the town.

Meanwhile… is an exciting new addition to the UK comics world,” David enthuses.

This story will appear alongside the continuation of Gary Spencer Millidge’s Strangehaven, a superb self-published series from the 1990s and noughties, returning to print after an eight-year absence to complete the final chapter.

 David Hine has worked in comics since the 1980s, and has written for DC (Detective Comics, Arkham Unhinged), Marvel (Spider-Man Noir, X-Men, Silent War) Image (Storm Dogs), and 2000AD (Tao De Moto). It was during his work on Batman that he discovered the appearance of the Joker was based upon Gwynplaine’s likeness in the 1928 silent film adaptation of The Man Who Laughs.

Artist Mark Stafford is a cartoonist in residence at London’s Cartoon Museum. He has collaborated with Costa Award-winning creator Bryan Talbot on the Cherubs! graphic novels, painting dead hillbillies and writing about cinema for Electric Sheep magazine. Stafford previously collaborated with Hine on “The Colour Out of Space” for SelfMadeHero’s critically acclaimed Lovecraft Anthology Vol. I.

Meanwhile will also the available digitally via the SEQUENTIAL app.

• Soaring Penguin: www.soaringpenguinpress.com

• David Hine’s official site: www.waitingfortrade.com

• Mark Stafford: www.hocus-baloney.com

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