DC urgently needs a UK distributor: why shouldn’t it be Diamond UK?

Last Friday, US publisher DC informed comics retailers that it has cut ties with Diamond Comic Distributors. As has been widely reported, including here on ICV2, going forward, all weekly DC product will be distributed through Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributor, two companies it had previously announced partnerships with. Penguin Random House will take over the supply chain for graphic novels and collected trade paperbacks.

Here, Jeff Chahal, organiser of the annual NICE convention, who also works in the Bedford-based British comic store Close Encounters, responds to the news of DC’s break with Diamond with an urgent, polite call to action (hashtag #dcneedsaukdistributor) from UK readers, to prevent a rise in the cost of comics sold in specialist stores…

Jeff Chahal
Jeff Chahal

I’m sure many of you are aware of the current situation with DC Comics and Diamond Distribution. As a UK retailer, we deal with Diamond UK which is a separate company from Diamond US, and our experience as a company with them is nothing short of fantastic.

Yes, we get the odd damaged delivery and items go missing, but every single time they’ve bent over backwards to remedy the situation.

With what’s happened on Friday the price of all your comics will be going up, not just DC. Pulling DC Comics from Diamond UK will have an impact on what it costs for shipping and more. These costs will be passed along the line to us the retailers, we in turn will pass it along to the consumer.

If you’d like to help prevent any major spike in pricing I’d suggest everyone post to DC’s social media, asking them to open talks with Diamond UK.

We need a UK distributor. Everyone buying from the US direct is problematic and expensive. This in turn will have a negative effect on anyone buying new comics.

Keep it civil and simple. Just ask them to open talks with a UK distributor . In the short term that should be Diamond UK as they’re already set up and ready to run. Long term, if another player wants in then we should look at that.

Right now, we need something as soon as possible, as we’ve all been left high and dry with very little information.

You are the customer, we’re just middlemen passing the product along.

Jeff Chahal

• Close Encounters is online and selling comics worldwide at www.closeencounters.co.uk

• DC Comics is on Facebook (#dcneedsaukdistributor)| DC Comics on Twitter (#dcneedsaukdistributor)| DC Twitter Directory

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  1. no we as uk fans should just ask our comic shops to stick to diamond and buy non-dc comics. if you want to stock new DC comics charge more for them and explain why. Dark horse, IDW, Boom, image, offer perfectly acceptable alternatives to DC comics.

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