Phil-Comics offers more British comics auction treats

There are some great British comics and more on offer in the latest Phil-Comics auction running now on eBay, ending this coming weekend.

They include the first issue of the 1970s Gerry Anderson TV series-dominated comic Countdown, complete with free gift wall chart, a mix of Beano comics and much more.

Run by Phil Shrimpton, Phil Comics specialises in vintage comics and related items such as annuals, holiday specials, free gifts and original artwork.

Holding monthly eBay auctions, often with 500+ listings, they aim to bring a diverse array of items – and are always on the lookout for vintage comic collections, either to buy or auction on commission.

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Here’s a selection of lots on offer…

  • Air Ace Picture Library issues 302-349 (1966-1967)
  • Beano No. 1031 - cover dated 21st April 1962
  • Beano Book 1957
  • Blake's 7 Annual 1979
  • Countdown Issue 1 - cover dated 20th February 1971, with free wallchart poster gift
  • Countdown Issues 20-34 (1971)
  • Debbie No. 1 - cover dated 17th February 1973
  • Doctor Who Annual 1967
  • Various issues of Classics Illustrated
  • The final issue of Knockout, cover dated 16th February 1963
  • Look Alive magazine Issue 1 - cover dated 18th September 1982, and Preview Poster Magazine
  • Lion Summer Special 1968
  • Mickey Mouse Holiday Special comic 1937-1938
  • Monster Fun comic #1 - cover dated 14th June 1975
  • Spike No. 1 - cover dated 22nd January 1983, plus free glider gift
  • Star Trek Annual 1970
  • Solo Issue 4 - cover dated 11th March 1967
  • Sun No. 1 - cover dated 11th November 1947
  • Stingray: The Comic Issue 1 - October 1992, with free gift
  • Mighty World of Marvel comic #2-9 (1972)

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