Demons, Zombies and Mad Scientists, oh my! Demonic Advisory Centre has ’em all

Demonic Advisory Centre  #1 - Cover

Out now from the Cardiff-based small independent, WP Comics – publishers of titles such as Wasteland Paradise and The Night Hunters – is a fun new title mashing Ghostbusters with Hellboy, the Demonic Advisory Centre.

The new title is set on a world where all manner of hellish beasts have been on an unsuspecting world. Martial arts master, fire arms expect and veteran of the “Flesh Wars”, Doctor Able Baxter is assigned the task to assemble a team – theDemonic Advisory Centre – whose sole purpose is to rid the world of the demons.

He fails… and now his backers are questioning what he’s been doing with all their money.

Written by Stu Perrins (Prime, Harvey Spig) and with art by Diana Marques, Demonic Advisory Centre is a three part horror/ sci-fi/ humour surrealist epic. The script is fun with some great lines. On the the art side, the storytelling and layouts are excellent, although I would say the figure work is a bit choppy in places.

Although the book is  a little rough around the edges. There’s a lot of time spent establishing the characters, that could have been condensed. The choice of lettering font is certainly not to my liking and and the book could do with further proofing. But overall, Demonic Advisory Centre is good tongue-in-cheek fun. I sense there’s plenty of back story to come to bring an added depth to this monster-bashiung romp.

• There’s more information here on the WP Comics site, and here’s a look at some of the pages

Demonic Advisory Centre  #1 - Sample Page Demonic Advisory Centre  #1 - Sample Page Demonic Advisory Centre  #1 - Sample Page

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