Dennis the Menace – Best Comic Character Ever

dennis-the-menace-best-character-ever.pngFab British humour comics new site Wacky Comics reports that the Scottish Sun‘s poll to find out who is the best British comics character ever has closed and the results posted, and – based on a selectuon of ten characters, all of them from DC Thomson comics except Dan Dare, Dennis the Menace has come out top.

Dennis, alongside his trusty sidekick Gnasher, collected 31 per cent of the votes to take the Number One spot, followed by the Bash Street Kids in second place with 15 per cent of the votes and Oor Wullie in third, with 14 per cent.

“Sadly the article only shows who appeared in first, second and third place,” Wacky Comics writer George Shiers notes, “as it would have been interesting to see the full list.”

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