Details of University of East Anglia’s MA in Comic Studies revealed

Earlier this year we revealed the University of East Anglia was initiating a Master’s in Comic Studies, and full details about the course has just been announced.

The University of East Anglia’s one year MA in Comics Studies is currently the only MA programme of its kind in the world, and whether you are new to the field of comics studies or are developing existing interests, the programme will serve to deepen and broaden your understanding of comics and their associated cultures.

As a student on the programme, you will learn about comics from a range of international contexts such as Great Britain, the United States, Europe, Japan and others. You will also learn about the various theoretical approaches to studying comics, including the unique ways comics make meaning from the combination of words and images.

World-leading comics scholars will guide you through the complex histories, cultures and politics of the form. You will take a year-long, team-taught module focusing on key issues in comics studies, with additional compulsory modules in the theory and practice of comics studies and the long-standing relationship between film and comics. You will also choose from a wide variety of optional modules that touch upon such issues as politics, gender, sexuality and race in both comics and related media.

Through these modules, you will develop your ability to undertake advanced independent research projects. In addition, you will deepen your critical and analytical skills, especially in relation to understanding and evaluating visual art and storytelling.

For full information on the course, requirements, fees and more, visit this Page on the University of East Anglia web site

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2 replies

  1. An “MA in Comic Studies”? And we are supposed to be living in an age of austerity? Graphic artist applies to a newspaper to be its cartoonist. The editor’s first words to him (or her!): “Show me your MA”.

    As for what the course purports to ‘teach’, PC – political compliance – sticks out a mile.

    • You’d be surprised just how many comic studies there are these days – and not just in the UK. May I suggest you have a look at what the course is about? Certainly not about improving a cartoonist’s employment chances by taking it. Is the study of comics and the form for some reason less of value than the study of other art forms? I don’t think so.

      I also think you’re making some disconcerting assumptions about the course content, where is the evidence for the claim you have made?

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