Dez Skinn – Dragged from the Grave!

Dez SkinnDez Skinn, writer and former editor of Warrior, Comics International, British MAD and many more has been persuaded back to Manchester’s fab Lass O’Gowrie pub for another event.

“The b****** have dragged me out of mothballs to do a talk at the Not Part Of festival event in Manchester (with chap-hop performer extraordinaire Mr B on after me,” he says.

Top Doctor Who artist Adrian Salmon has been given the challenge of delivering probing questions about his career, such as “Is it true there are still tons of Hulk Weekly in your cellar?” and more…

• An Audience with Dez Skinn will take place on 8th July 2009 at Manchester Lass O Gowrie. Doors: 6:30pm Price: £6.00. Buy Tickets Here

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  1. I hope someone asks him for his thoughts on the rumors of Gaiman taking Miracleman to Marvel Comics, pending the litigation limbo bru ha ha.

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