Diamond launch digital comics service, linked to comic shops

Diamond Comic Distributors and iVerse Media have partnered to create Diamond Digital, a unique initiative that lets your local comic book shop retailer sell digital comics and graphic novels for Apple and Android devices directly to you.

Diamond and iVerse describe it as an easy way to purchase digital comics for your reading pleasure on the go and, at the same time, support your local comic book shop that brings you printed comics week in and week out.

Already on offer via the service are titles from US companies such as IDW and Boom!

Here’s how it works:

1. Each week check out weekly release lists at PREVIEWSworld.com or diamonddigital.com to see what’s available digitally in stores.

2. If you are in your comic book shop, tell your retailer that you’d like to purchase a digital comic book and he’ll give you a download code.

3. If you are online, many retailers have digital comics available directly from their websites, so you can pay and download your digital copy at your own convenience.

4. Make sure you download the unique Digital Comics Reader app — developed and powered by Digital comics powerhouse, iVerse Media. It’s available for use on the web, Apple iPhone or for Android phones.

5. Plus, any purchases you make stays with you “in the iVerse Cloud” where you can download and use it on any device you’d like.

You can purchase a code fo a day-and-date digital editions of new comics every Wednesday when the print versions are available, usually at the same SRP as their print equivalents. You also can purchase a digital “Plus” edition code, which will typically be priced at $.99 when you purchase a print version of the same comic book.

Codes can be redeemed at your retailers’ website, or at www.digitalcomicsreader.com.

Diamond say there are thousands of backlist comic book codes available from Diamond Digital as well, including bestsellers such as Walking Dead, Ghostbusters and more – with complete runs for you to read digitally.

It’s an interesting idea, long in the planning, but at this point, we’re not sure how ready UK stores might be to do this – the actual app does include Diamond’s comic store locator, but unlike the Diamond Digital web site, there’s no option at present to search for non US comic shps.

You can download this in the UK, but the app doesn’t offer its own storefront, the whole aim of this is to encourage instore purchase.

Looks like it’s work in progress to us, especially for non US comic fans, especially given the lack of any UK publishers on the site home page so far…


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