Digital Dandy Issue 9 Now Available

Digital Dandy 9

Bertie Buncle’s Chemical Uncle has uncovered a new scientific formula! It’s…
DD9 (D + D + D x C + G + DtvV) x iTAS + GP + = FUN

For any non-mad scientists out there, that means…

Digital Dandy Issue 9 (including the best DAFT, DRAMATIC and DIFFERENT COMICS and GAMES plus a new DANDY TV VIDEO) from the iTUNES APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY and at equals FUN!

In the latest mad mixture…
DESPERATE DAN plus a busted steam train feature in a tale of cowboys and engines!
Loo-Loo Land gets an unruly ruler in the big, blue, greedy shape of KINGO BANGO!
JONAH’s accident-prone ancestor proves that bad luck runs in some families!
There’s foul play afoot when BRASSNECK takes up football!
BERTIE BUNCLE & HIS CHEMICAL UNCLE need guarding from their guard… er… dog???
A hero from the past is revealed in RETRO-ACTIVE! His name, Flint. His Codename, WARLORD!
When they’re not stomping around and roaring, where do dinosaurs go for fun? JURASSIC PLAY PARK!
Earth is under the power of THE LEAGUE OF SUPERVILLAINS! Only BANANAMAN can save us!
Not forgetting the vital ingredients of BLINKY, GROWLPH, HARRY & HIS HIPPO, THE LAUGHING PLANET, FLATMAN & RIBBON, BLINKY, JIBBER & STEVE, BAD HAIR DAY, KEYHOLE KATE, and Chris accepting a kung fu challenge in the latest DANDY TV!

DIGITAL DANDY 9 – on sale now! It’s not rocket science*!

*Good thing too, with Bertie’s crazy uncle around!

Digital Dandy Issue 9 is available from the Dandy website,, and on the Dandy App.


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